Academy Policies
Please, read carefully before registering

Payment policies

1. Registration commitment is from September to June. Please plan accordingly. Tuition is based on class level and hours in the studio. However, missed classes due to statutory or personal holidays may not lower tuition.

2. Two week notice is required if the student wishes to withdraw from the program. Any posted cheques will be returned. There will be no reimbursement of the partial months of classes.

3. There are no refunds or pro-rated tuition for extended illness or injury, unless Karpov Ballet Academy is informed. Medical documentation may be required in order to waive tuition. A credit for the unused portion of the tuition will be given from the time of jury being reported.

4. There are no refunds on costume deposit and exam fees paid at the time of registration.

5. Tuition payment options are as follows:
  • 10 payments per year: Registration fee, September cheque, $150 costume deposit and ballet exam fees must be paid at registration along with 9 additional post-dated cheques dated first day of each remaining month (October - June).

  • 3 installments per year: Registration fee, September 1st cheque, $150 costume deposit and ballet exam fees must be paid at time of registration along with 2 post-dated cheques dated December 15th and April 1st.
6. Any N.S.F cheques will have a $25 service charge.

Dress Code

7. All students must follow dress code. Ballet class attire for girls: Ballet black leotard, pink ballet tights, canvas split sole ballet shoes, pointe shoes. Ballet class attire for boys: Fitted white/black t-shirt, black opaque tights and black canvas ballet shoes or black fitted shorts and white canvas ballet shoes with white socks.
Character dance class attire for girls: Chiffon black ballet skirt, leather pedini dance shoes caramel color.
Character dance class attire for boys: Jazz leather shoes caramel color (shoes with the low heel).
Historical dance class attire for girls: Chiffon ballet skirt.
Jazz & Contemporary class attire for girls: Black dance shorts, black cropped top, foot undies.
If dress code is repeatedly violated your student will not be able to participate.

8. Hair must be in a proper ballet bun. Hair must be neatly and firmly secured, off the face and neck. Gel, hairpins, elastics and hairnets are the student’s responsibility. Please ask if you are not sure how to secure a proper ballet bun. We are here to help.

9. There will be no jewelry allowed in class.

10. All students must follow proper grooming and hygiene.


11. We will all be supportive and encourage each other. We will be kind, courteous and respectful of all students, teachers, staff and parents.

12. Photos and Videos are strictly prohibited in the academy. Artistic Directors or staff may take your child from time to time for advertising photos. These photographs may be used in our promotional material, social media or our website and are for our use only.

13. Photos and Videos are only permitted during our ballet exam. Remember to ask permission from other parents when posting pictures of their children on your social media.

14. No food, gum or drink is permitted inside the ballet studios and in dressing rooms. We are a nut free environment. Only water is allowed in the studios.

15. Attendance is mandatory. It is necessary for success. The academy has the right to dismiss or suspend any student whose attendance is not satisfactory. If your child is ill and will not be in class please notify the school by email at

16. We ask that when in the waiting area noise be kept to a minimum because classes are in progress.

17. Outdoor shoes are to be neatly placed on the shoe racks provided. Absolutely no outdoor shoes are allowed in the studios or beyond the front desk. We ask that outdoor shoes are removed because dirt, rocks, salt, wet shoes or slush can be brought in and ruin the floor and the dancer’s ballet and or pointe shoes.

18. Students only are allowed in the studios. Parents and friends are not permitted.

19. Students should be picked up within 10 minutes from the end of class time.

20. Children who are not dancing may not be left unsupervised at the studio.

21. Parents please do not open the door while a class is in progress. Opening a door during class is very distracting to the students and teacher.

22. All students must arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled class in order to warm up and insure that they are ready to begin class on time. It is disruptive to the entire class when a student comes in late. Students who are continuously late will not be able to participate in the class and will observe only.

23. Dance shoes must never be worn outside the studio.

24. We understand that sometimes circumstances and obligations arise that cause a ballet class to be missed. Please notify the school by email at if your child will not be at class. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for missed classes. There will be no make-up classes issued unless the class has been canceled by the administration due to bad weather.

25. In the event of extreme weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances Karpov Ballet Academy reserves the right to cancel classes. In the case of severe weather there will be an email sent to all parents and students. No refunds will be given for cancelled classes. We will do our best to schedule a make-up class.

26. School information and announcements will be distributed by email from Please make sure is on your safelist. Check your email regularly in order to stay informed. Karpov Ballet Academy will not be responsible for student or parent being not properly informed. Please stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram.


27. Students will be evaluated twice per year. Each exam fee is $40-$65 depending on the student’s level. Payable at the time of registration. Non-refundable. This clause does not apply to Micro Mini and Mini Ballet levels.

28. Student placement is at the sole discretion of the Artistic Director.

School Performances

29. There are two mandatory performances in December and June. Extra rehearsals are necessary and students are required to attend all rehearsals (only with permission from the teacher will they be excused). Casting may be subject to student's previous attendance and ability to meet rehearsal schedule. Students missing more than two rehearsals are not allowed to take part in the performance.

30. It is the Ballet Directors decision to choreograph productions and cast dancers. Please value and respect their decision.

31. Costume fees are $160-$400 per custom made costume depending on the costume type. A non-refundable deposit of $150 payable at the time of registration. Balance payable upon your invoice. However, we try to re-use the costumes as much as possible and provide resale opportunities when possible. This clause does not apply to Micro Mini level.

32. Choreography fees are $200-$700 depending on the role or part in the performance. Payable upon your invoice.