Greetings from the Founders

Every single family would love to see their child smart, intelligent and well developed. Ballet includes and unites various kinds of arts. Those are classical music, acting, fine arts and more... The atmosphere itself which surrounds your child will detect his undefined talents and will form him as a spiritually strong, harmonic, disciplined and physically developed person as well as it will help in learning science and humanities.

Throughout our teaching career in Canada we raised students whose achievements have brought them many awards and titles such as Grand Prix and 1st Place Winners at Youth America Grand Prix Ballet Competition, Master Dance of Canada, Master Dance of America, Top competitors at So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Leading Role performers at Broadway Musical "Billy Elliot".

Karpov Ballet Academy was founded in 2011. Its doors open to anyone who is passionate about Ballet. The Academy provides high quality ballet training for students who dream about their professional career as well as for those who love Ballet as a hobby. We believe that our knowledge and experience gained over the years of our professional career allow us to take responsibility to teach children Ballet, educate and inspire them with the Art of Ballet.

Anna Karpova & Vladimir Karpov